Set of toys on clothespins No. 3 - 3 pcs

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  • Product Code: Set of toys on clothespins No. 3 - 3 pcs
  • Length: 20 см
  • Width: 10 см
  • Height: 3 см
  • Weight: 0.12 кг
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If you are looking for an original gift for yourself and your loved ones, then this is exactly what you need! A bright New Year's toy for a Christmas tree in the form of a dragon will become a universal winter gift, or a beautiful decoration of a New Year's and Christmas wreath, interior. It will please not only adults, but also children in the coming year. Cheerful festive figures on a Christmas tree are ideal items for Christmas interior and decor, as well as a unique thematic option. The picture is a dragon on one side, on the reverse side of the toy is a solid green print. New Year 2024 is the most beloved, warm, cheerful, family and joyful holiday for most people, and you can create an atmosphere at home by means of wooden pendants, because this is not only a decoration for the house. The animals will add a playful note to the festive table setting if you put them next to wine / champagne. An excellent choice for those who want to create a cozy atmosphere at home and apartment during the holidays. Suitable as a gift for children

Bottoms for baskets
Material Plywood 3 mm
Picture Color printing, dragon on one side, clothespin on the other side of toys
Size 7 см
Equipment 3 toys

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