Knitted tape in rollers is available to order in 7 colors..

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Wooden bottoms have become relevant in recent years! Many needlewomen are happy to make a wooden bottom in their baskets, because it helps to create a basket with a stable bottom, saves time. Oh..

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Dimensions: Circle d = 20 cm Circle d = 30 cm Oval 30cm * 20cm..

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Dear friends, specially for your requests and trends this year, we decided to introduce new products! Meet our autumn handsome men (terracotta, mustard, herbal, lavender) !!!!..

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ATTENTION❗ From September 1, ACTION when buying from 5 pcs to 280 rubles ends, the following prices for knitted yarn Mint: Single-color: Retail price - 320 rubles From 10 pieces - 310..

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Dear friends! We do not stand still and continue to please you with new colors in our palette. At us the next three novelties: menthol, wine and graphite. Colors are available to order and are..

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Dear Clients! We update the palette. Now you can please yourself and others with bright products from our strings. New colors are available for order: pink, coral, burgundy, blue and gray-blue. We..

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We have three new colors: blue, sea wave, yellow. All novelties, as well as the whole assortment of goods can be seen in the Catalog of Goods...

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